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This journal is mainly my fannish space. I may post about my life and times, but mostly I fangirl: squee, meta, overanalyze TV/movies/books, and read and write the fanfic.

This journal is currently friends-only. At the moment I'm attempting to keep my own reading list small, so I only friend people back who I know offline or have an ongoing interaction with online.

If you are looking for my fanfic and other fanworks, it's all located at my creative journal: chocolate_muse.

My fandom of the moment is Supernatural/CWRPF, but I am prone to occasionally fangirl over shows such as Being Human, Battlestar Galatica, White Collar, Leverage, Merlin, Doctor Who/Torchwood, and True Blood.

spn_rambleon | fuckyeahspnsupportings
spn_30snapshots | sawedoff_recs | sharp_teeth
words_end_here | wordexplosion | chocolate_muse

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