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the night torn mad with footsteps

what matters most is how well you walk through the fire

the only water in the forest is the river
20 December
new orleans, the world
absurdity, academia, activism, african diaspora, afrofuturism, afropunk, afros, allen ginsberg, alternative media, anarchists, ancestory, angels, anthropology, anti-corporate globalization, anti-war, art movements, astronomy, audre lorde, authors, basquiat, battlestar galactica, beginnings and endings, bell hooks, black feminism, books, buffy the vampire slayer, cajuns, castiel, changing the world, cirque de soleil, clive barker, creoles, crimethinc, dada, daria, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/castiel, degrassi, documentary, dreadlocks, dreaming, ecofeminism, environmentalism, essays, existentialism, experimental prose, fairies, fanfic, fantasy, fiction, firefly, folklore, gabriel garcia marquez, gaia theory, geeks, general hospital, george orwell, griots, grunge, harry potter, heroes, highlander, indie film, indie rock, indigenous issues, indymedia, intelligent conversation, international law, ishmael, james baldwin, jeanette winterson, jeff buckley, journalism, literature, lord of the rings, louisiana, lyricism, m.c. escher, macgyver, magical realism, magick, marxism, my so-called life, mythology, native americans, nature, neo-soul, new age, new orleans, noam chomsky, nonfiction, novels, octavia butler, pablo neruda, painting, pantheism, pbs, peace, people of color, philosophy, photography, pj harvey, poetry, progrock, publishing, quantum physics, queers, r.e.m., radicals, radiohead, reading, rent, reporters, revolution, road trips, robin scorpio, roswell, salvador dali, sartre, scifi, short stories, social movements, sociology, solitude, sonia sanchez, southern gothic, speculative fiction, spoken word, supernatural, surrealism, the boondocks, the power of myth, the south, the tomorrow people, theatre, third world, tim burton, toni morrison, travel, tribalism, vampires, vegetarianism, wicca, womanism, words, writing, x-files, x-men, yoga